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winter renovations

5 budget-friendly winter renovations

Looking for some affordable ways to spruce up your home this winter? This season can be a bit grey and dull, which may make you want to freshen things up inside. While it’s not the best time to do any major outdoor projects, there are many budget-friendly winter renovations you can take on inside the house. Here are some of our top recommendations!

Repaint the walls

Repainting is one of the simplest ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. Over time, our walls get scuffed and scratched, and every few years they need a fresh coat of paint. You can control how much you spend on this project by deciding whether you want to hire a painter or do it yourself, and how much space you want to repaint. For example, you might decide to just tackle the kitchen and living room, or you can go all out and upgrade your entire home’s colour. This is a lower cost renovation with lots of room for personalization. If you are not super confident with a paintbrush, we recommend bringing in a professional for this task. Otherwise, you might end up paying more if you attempt to take it on yourself, then have to pay for repairs. 

Minor kitchen upgrades

The kitchen is perhaps the most important space in the home, largely because it is the central area where everyone gathers. If home owners like to have one part of their home updated and modern, it is usually the kitchen. The good news is that you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to make kitchen improvements, either! You can select some of the most important upgrades and focus on those, instead of ripping apart the entire area. New appliances or fresh cupboards can make a big difference and transform your kitchen without draining your bank account.

Small bathroom improvements

Similar to the kitchen, many home owners also want their bathrooms to be as nice as possible. A clean, fresh bathroom makes a huge difference to a home compared to one that is dated or grimy. Again, you don’t need to do anything major here to make an impact. New mirrors or a fresh tub might be all you need to upgrade your bathroom into something modern. Little changes in small spaces can make huge differences to the appearance of a room, and there’s no need to spend loads of money along the way. You can look up examples of certain decor and design choices online for some extra inspiration as well. 

Update light fixtures

Lighting is one of the most basic elements in your home, but you can make your fixtures stand out in a way that adds personality to any room. The best part is this is a fairly inexpensive process! You don’t have to stick with the basic light coverings. You can swap these out for statement fixtures, or look into getting recessed pot lights that are flush to the ceiling for a more modern look. This is an easy upgrade that can make any room pop. Prices will vary depending on the style and lighting type you choose, but in general this will cost you much less than many other winter renovations.

Install extra shelving

If you’re feeling crafty, you can consider putting in some extra shelving in your home, which not only looks great, but also increases your storage space! You have tons of options here, too. You can put up some floating shelves, install a bookcase, or add shelving racks to your cupboards to maximize the space. This isn’t a huge renovation, but it can help your home feel less cluttered and more organized. Plus, you can likely do a lot of this type of work yourself! Of course, you always have the option of calling a handy friend or a professional too. Best of all, you won’t have to break your budget. You can find many affordable shelving options at hardware and household stores.

There are endless ways to renovate your home on a budget. If you think your home needs a refresh, you can start gathering inspiration from the ideas listed above. You can find many more suggestions online as well. As home owners, we deserve to enjoy our living space. Take some time to think about which winter renovations might work best for you!

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