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Our Mortgage Rates

1 Year Fixed6.59%6.89%8.09%7.54%
2 Year Fixed6.04%6.49%7.69%7.29%
3 Year Fixed5.39%6.05%7.25%7.09%
4 Year Fixed5.39%5.79%7.04%6.84%
5 Year Fixed5.34%5.79%5.79%6.94%
5 Year Fixed Special5.19%5.34%5.34%5.59%
5 Year Variable6.60%6.99%7.20%7.00%
5 Year Variable Special6.30%6.69%7.00%6.70%
10 Year Fixed6.15%-7.29%7.74%

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2024

Are you interested in what real estate opportunities are available for you? With an ever changing industry, it pays to work with a mortgage broker you can trust. The MortgageNB team has been serving the Moncton area for over a decade with a community first mentality. Your homeownership and real estate goals are the priority as the team helps you through a stress-free mortgage process!

Which rate is best for you? There are two different types of Mortgage Rates available, either a Fixed or Variable rate. Both types work independently of each other, with the fixed rate remaining the same over the term of a mortgage. The variable rate can change based on the bank prime rate. It’s our job to keep you up to date on rates and find the best one for you!

Have questions about rates? Feel free to contact us!