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Selling your home? Here are some renovations to complete

Getting ready to put your property up for sale? Selling your home can be an emotional experience, because many people form happy memories in their houses and form an attachment to it in some way. Even when it’s your decision to sell, you can still experience feelings of sadness or apprehension. Something that can help home owners preparing to sell is completing home renovations. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, renovations can improve your home’s value and its performance on the market. Second, updating your home can make it feel new or even unfamiliar to you, which can make it easier to leave. If you think renovations are a good idea for your home, here are some of the best ones to complete!

An updated kitchen

No matter what, a renovated kitchen is one of the most valuable home improvements you can complete before moving. As the central area in any home, it should be a top priority in terms of appearance and functionality. Depending on the age and style of your kitchen, it may or may not need a major makeover. Often, simple updates are enough to boost its value without going overboard on spending. You can focus on a couple key areas to fix up, such as the countertops, backsplash, sink, or appliances. Home owners often prioritize ample counter space, high-functioning products, storage space, and the feeling of  a fresh start. These specific renovations target those preferences and appeal to the vast majority of potential buyers. Focusing your efforts will ensure you are able to prioritize those areas in most need, so you aren’t wasting too much time or money on smaller and unnecessary fixes. 

A fresh bathroom

Bathrooms are another key space to improve. An old, faded, and dingy washroom can easily detract from a home’s value. Even though these rooms are tucked away and not in the open, they are extremely important to keep fresh. Assuming your home has multiple bathrooms, you have some options. You can either make basic upgrades to all of your bathrooms before selling your home, or do more extensive renovations on the most important bathroom, such as the one attached to the master bedroom. We generally recommend spreading out these upgrades to ensure each area gets some love. It is better for all of your washroom spaces to be basic and simple if they are new, rather than pouring all of your money into making one bathroom luxurious and neglecting the others in need. 

New flooring

Fresh flooring can make all the difference in your house. You can replace flooring throughout your whole home, or just choose a level to update, often the main level. Right now, hardwood floors are quite popular, as opposed to carpeting. They are easy to match and simple to clean, making them a good option for most home owners. Fresh floors can make a big difference to a home’s value, especially if your old flooring had stains, cracks, or general wear and tear. You will often notice that homes for sale or rent often point out new flooring as a selling feature, and for good reason!

A finished basement

Finally, a finished basement can be a big draw for home buyers. This is especially true today, thanks to the growth of remote work and the rising need for home office spaces. Converting a basement into a finished workspace is sure to attract a large number of people. Simple renovations like hardwood floors, painted walls, and a space for a desk are all you need. The future home owner can work out the rest! If you can set the foundation for your basement to become an ideal work-from-home location, that will be a worthwhile renovation.

Selling your home is a huge experience, and the right home renovations can help ensure you attract the perfect buyer. This allows you to get the greatest return on your investment, and also be confident you are passing your home to the best person. If you are planning to buy a new home, you can also reach out to a mortgage broker to get started on that process! We can help put you on the right path so you can re-enter the market with confidence.

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