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2024 home renovations

The best 2024 home renovations

Are you thinking about completing some home improvement projects this year? Most home owners decide to take on renovations at some point in their lives. The question is, what are the best 2024 home renovations to do? Whether you are upgrading your home with plans to sell, or you just want to modernize your house for yourself, there are some tried and true projects that often increase your home’s value. Here are some of the top renovations to consider! 

Replace old flooring 

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say! If you have super old and worn flooring in your home, it might be time to think about some upgrades. Replacing your flooring is an update that almost always adds value to your home. Plus, it can change the appearance of an entire room. Maybe you still have old carpeting left behind by your house’s previous owner, or perhaps you have wooden floors that have become scratched beyond repair over time. Most home owners need to invest in a flooring replacement at some point. Laminate flooring is very popular due to its modern appearance and easy-to-clean nature. You can also consider tiling, fresh carpeting, or any other style you like. In most cases, new flooring of any kind will give your home a boost.

Focus on some outdoor upgrades 

It’s easy to forget to give your home’s exterior some love, especially in the winter. However, once spring hits, that could be the perfect time to take on some outdoor renovation projects. Since the power of curb appeal is so strong, giving your home’s exterior a lift can be one of the most valuable 2024 home renovations. You have endless options in terms of what you can do in this area. You might want to repaint your garage doors or front door if they’re starting to peel and fade. You could also repave your driveway, install a stone walkway to your door, replace your windows, or plant accent hedges and gardens. You can decide which areas of your exterior might need some extra attention!

Update your kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home to keep updated, especially if you have any thoughts of selling. As the central point in any house, the kitchen has the most traffic and sees the most activity. As a result, it needs the most care and attention. The good news is you likely don’t have to tear your entire kitchen apart to improve its appearance and value. In many cases, a few well-chosen upgrades can boost the entire room. Kitchen updates are always valuable investments, so they are one of the top 2024 home renovations. Some things you can improve might include the appliances, countertops, storage, sinks, or backsplash. You probably don’t need to take on all of these projects! Take some time to select a couple of modernizations that will give the whole kitchen a boost.

Change up the paint job

The walls of a home experience a ton of wear and tear. Over time, scratches, scuffs, and dents become unavoidable, and old paint or wallpaper can become sun-faded. You might also have rooms that are still painted aggressive shades of pink or orange, thanks to the taste of a child who has now grown up. Repainting your home, or certain areas of it, can make a huge difference on your home’s overall look and feel. We generally suggest light, neutral shades of paint to make your home feel bright and spacious. These tones also make it easier to decorate and accessorize if you enjoy colourful furniture! A simple and clean look will make your home look refreshed and renewed.

Add in a work-from-home space

Finally, creating a dedicated work-from-home area is an excellent renovation idea for those who are considering selling their home. Post-pandemic, many Canadians are sticking to a hybrid work schedule, and are prioritizing the flexibility of working from home when considering a job offer. This means there’s a good chance that the person who purchases your home will be a hybrid employee, or someone else living in the home will be. If you have a home office, this could be a huge selling point. In reality, a home office doesn’t need much more work than a typical bedroom. You can set up in a bright room, add in some storage space, and decorate with office furniture. Potential buyers will likely see this setup as an advantage. Plus, if you are also a hybrid worker, this gives you extra space to enjoy!

There are several 2024 home renovations home owners could take on. There are no “right” or “wrong” projects, because it all depends on your house and its unique needs. While your kitchen might need an upgrade, another person may prioritize their home’s exterior. If you are renovating your house in the hopes of selling your property, you should also think about your next steps as a potential buyer. Assuming you plan to purchase a new home, you can reach out to a mortgage broker to discuss your options in today’s market! We can help you find the right product for all of your mortgage needs in 2024.

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