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How can you save money on energy bills this summer?

Summer is the season where energy bills tend to skyrocket. In our desperation to keep cool, we crank up the air conditioner, blast the fans, and don’t worry about the cost until the bills come in. How can you keep your usage on the lower end, and avoid hefty bills? Here are some solutions that will not only save you money in the summer, but year-round.

Upgrade your appliances

A lot of energy usage comes from our everyday appliances, which means the cost of our energy bills can be traced to this as well. Ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers, and even smaller items like toasters and coffee makers tend to use up a decent amount of energy. This makes sense, given how powerful these appliances are, but do they have to cost you such a high amount? There are likely more energy efficient models out there than the ones you are currently using! This is especially true for older appliances, which were created before energy efficiency was a priority, or even a possibility. Today, many companies manufacture appliances with energy usage in mind, since they understand the rising costs of energy and the importance of keeping usage low for home owners. It’s becoming increasingly easy to find new appliances that use energy most effectively, saving you money on your future bills. Do some research to see what looks most appealing to you! The costs of these appliances may be higher in the short term, but in the long run they will save you money.

Switch up your laundry cycle

Laundry is an unavoidable chore! As something that must be done regularly, this is a good area to focus on if you want to save money on energy bills. Beyond upgrading your washer and dryer, you can make some tweaks to your existing products that can help. If your laundry isn’t absolutely filthy, using the short cycle is probably all you need to give it a good clean. You can also use cold water, and pair it with a detergent designed to be used in cold temperatures. This takes away the costs associated with heating water, while still giving your clothes the proper soak they need. Often, energy prices also rise and fall depending on the time of day. Peak hours usually fall on weekday evenings, when more people are home from work and catching up on chores. If you can avoid this time and opt to do laundry late at night, or on the weekends, demand tends to be lower, which reduces the costs of electricity during those hours. These are small changes that don’t change much about your day-to-day life, but can make a significant difference to your energy bills.

Adjust your air conditioner

During the summer, air conditioning becomes essential to many Canadians. The weather can become almost unbearably warm, and not using AC is not an option. However, it’s no secret that air conditioning can really add onto your energy bill costs. The good news is there are a couple tricks to help you save money while still keeping cool. First, if you have a portable air conditioner, try placing it in a location where the cold air can spread throughout the home, and fall onto the lower levels. You can shut the doors to rooms that don’t get much use, so the air conditioner is more effective in important areas. If you have central air conditioning, try to lower its usage when you are out of the home, or consider turning it off completely. If you are not there, you likely don’t need all that cold air blasting! You can also consider purchasing a smart thermostat, which helps regulate your home’s temperature automatically. This prevents the need for manual temperature adjustments.

Be mindful of your usage

Finally, you can likely lower your energy bills by making some simple tweaks to your habits. If you tend to leave items plugged in even if you’re not using them, consider unplugging them. We often leave things like phone chargers, toasters, and coffee makers plugged in for convenience, but this can cost you. Phantom power is the energy these appliances use, even when they are not actively operating. You may as well unplug these devices when you don’t need them! Another common habit people fall into is leaving lights on in several areas of their home. You may leave lights on with the intention of returning to that room. In the meantime, you are wasting energy for no reason. Try to turn off the lights as you leave a room, and only turn them back on when you return!

While it’s no secret that energy bills are higher in the summer, there are certainly some easy tricks that can help you lower those costs. In a world where the cost of living is increasingly huge, these little tips can make a big difference for many home owners. Now, if you have any concerns about the cost of your mortgage or homeownership in general, we recommend reaching out to a mortgage broker. We are here to help you get the service and product you need, at a rate that works for you.

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