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5 steps to prepare your yard for summer!

Summer is just around the corner! Most of us are likely looking forward to some warm weather and sunshine. Have you made sure your yard is also ready for the season to come? It’s important to prepare your yard for summer by completing a variety of seasonal tasks. No matter where you live, your yard will likely need some attention before we reach the peak of summer. Here are five steps to help you get your yard ready this summer!

#1 Wrap up the gardening

Your spring gardening is probably nearly complete. You’ve likely dealt with the dreaded mulch delivery, and spent several hours weeding, seeding, and planting. However, maybe you’re looking to add some finishing touches to prepare your yard for the summer season. This might include hanging planters or using pots that have pops of colour to stand out in your yard. If you want your yard to shine, adding some colour never hurts! Make sure you have invested in plants that suit the weather patterns of your area as well, whether that’s rainy, dry, warm, or cold. The right plants will minimize work on your end. Be sure to water regularly as well!

#2 Keep your grass healthy

Your grass is the most noticeable part of your yard, and it probably takes up the most space. With that in mind, you should focus on your grass as you prepare your yard for summer. Maintaining healthy grass doesn’t need to be too complicated with the help of a basic routine (and a bit of luck from the elements). Be sure your lawn mower has sharp blades, and that you’re cutting your grass high enough to promote regular growth. You should also fertilize your lawn a couple of times throughout the summer, distributing an even layer over your grass. Finally, if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate and provide the rain you need, make sure you have a sprinkler ready to call in for backup.

#3 Beautify your yard

Is your yard feeling a little bare? You can add some excitement to your property with a variety of additions and projects. These can include adding a gazebo, hanging up string lights, installing stepping stones, lawn ornaments, or solar lights in the ground. Any of these additions will make your home and yard feel more inviting and warm, and encourage you to spend more time outdoors. You may as well decorate your yard the way you would your home’s interior!

#4 Break out the patio furniture 

The days are finally consistently warm enough for you to break out the patio furniture. It’s time to drag your patio chairs, cushions, and tables out of storage, give them a good rinse, and set them up in your yard. Adding outdoor furniture makes our yards look so much more welcoming and summery, plus it gives you an extra spot to relax. If you don’t have any patio furniture yet, consider buying a few pieces to add to your yard if you have one. You may want to get a few lounge chairs, a patio table, a bench, or any combination of items that would fit your area. Patio furniture products prepare your yard for all of your summer activities, whether that’s hosting backyard barbecues or chilling out on your own.

#5 Want some more privacy? Consider a fence

A fence is one of the easiest ways to ensure you have a bit more privacy in your yard. If you live in a neighbourhood where homes are placed close together, or maybe your home is part of a row of townhomes, you know the feeling of having your neighbours right on top of you. For some separation, you can consider installing a fence along the borders of your yard to block out any unwanted attention. Chain link fences provide a basic border that you can beautify and hide with vines or hedges, while wooden fences give more privacy from the get-go. A fence can give you the privacy you want, and also add a bit of charm to your yard.

Preparing your yard for summer means the time for warm weather and relaxation is almost here! It will feel great to spend some time outdoors, especially on your own gorgeous lawn. Good luck turning your property into your own private oasis. We hope you find the time to kick back and unwind this summer!

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